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Professional TV Mounting with CBG: Enhance Your View and Safety

TV screens keep getting bigger and bigger, and TV mounts keep getting better and better. Whether you want to mount your TV on the living room wall, into steel studs, or even onto an outdoor brick wall, there’s a mount that can support your TV and a cbg handyman can handle TV installation for you at a reasonable rate.

Improve the view.
Mounting your TV is a great way to ensure that everyone in the room can see the screen. Some mounts even come with the ability to angle or tilt your screen for optimal viewing.


Keep kids and pets safe.
Mounting a TV on the wall is one of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t fall onto any children or pets that might come near it. Many TV mounts also come with cable management components to help you keep wires off the floor. No matter what kind of mount you have, CBG handyman will install your TV so that it’s
safe and secure.

No tools? No problem.
CBG can bring all the tools necessary to help install your TV—you just need to supply the mount. If you’re able to confirm the wall type with your CBG handyman, it will help ensure they bring the correct tools.

Standard wall types for TV mounts are drywall and lathe and plaster.

Mounting into metal studs, brick, concrete, and cinder block requires specific drilling tools. Your CBG handyman will clean up after the task is completed, leaving your home just the way it was upon arrival—but with your TV right where you want it!

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