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Do you have paint cans piling up that should be on the walls right now? CBG's experienced interior home painters.

Are there buckets of paint sitting around that should be up on the wall right now? You probably had a great vision for how you wanted your space to look, it’s just… painting’s never as easy as we think it is. That's where CBG come in: experienced painters for your home's interior.

Protect your place while painting.
CBG handyman will take care to lay down the right tarps to protect your floors and furniture while painting. You may not have to worry about moving all that furniture around after all! (But if you ever do need to move or dispose of furniture, CBG can help with that too!)

Hire experienced home painters.
Not that you need to hire an industrial painting company to help paint your home, but you do want to make sure you hire someone who knows which end of the brush to hold so that every coat is as even and smooth as can be.

To the window, to the wall, CBG can paint it all!
CBG handyman are experienced home painters who can help you paint your home, apartment, office, garage, shed–you name it. Whether you’re adding an accent wall or painting the trim on a three-story Victorian townhouse, there’s no job too big or small for CBG.

No paint? No problem.
You can always ask your CBG handyman to pick some paint up for you, or let them use what you have!
CBG can do all the painting you need (and even clean up afterward). Hire a CBG handyman today!

We Have 10 Years of Experience in Home Maintenance Business.

CBG Handyman Services: Your trusted one-call solution for professional, efficient home maintenance and repairs.